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Day: November 15, 2017

D(elivery) Day!

D(elivery) Day!

Delivery truck backing up


Well, it has arrived! After a long old wait, I am now the proud owner of a truck full of Caterham parts.  Ian has a streamlined process and the two of us unloaded the whole thing in under 30 mins. Only two items took the pair of us to lift, the gearbox and the chassis. There can’t be many vehicles whose chassis (and body) is light enough be lifted between two people! We rested the chassis onto the wheels at first and then lifted each end in turn onto the axle stands in their final position.

I didn’t manage to get much more done today beyond unpacking the various boxes to see what was what. Other Academy builders have mentioned that opening all these boxes feels a bit like Christmas, and they are right! Each box is a surprise, and a particular highlight was finding the bright red box for the Momo steering wheel.

With the seminar only 3 days away, the delivery is a timely one. I don’t think I will manage to get much done in the next couple of weeks however this means I now at least have a shell ready for the vinyl wrap.