Options, Options

Options, Options

With only 6 days to go, I am reflecting on my choices from the options list. To be fair, most of the normally extensive options list don’t apply due to the tight regulations for the academy.  Here is a rundown of my choices and the reasoning behind them:

  • Self-build – For me this is one of the key elements of Caterham ownership, particularly when buying from new. I want to have built a car at some point in my life so a factory build would seem a missed opportunity. I am still fairly inexperienced when it comes to car maintenance, so this will give me a chance to build up my skills.
  • Black-pack – This includes black headlights, windscreen surround and exhaust guard. I prefer the understated look of these in black and find them more  modern looking than the chrome.
  • Bare Shell – Caterham will paint the car in any colour you want however as this is a race car I want to a more distinct livery. To achieve this, I will be getting the shell vinyl wrapped before building. Vinyl will hopefully prove more robust and amenable to small repairs over the course of a season compared to paint.
  • Black Composites – Wings have a bit of a reputation for being consumable items in Caterham racing. Apparently the spares truck only stocks black ones so their seems little point going for a different colour here.

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